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All your products in a single view

How do users move between applications? Does a new product affect engagement with other offerings? Amplitude Portfolio helps companies understand customers’ complete relationship with their suite of digital products, in real-time.

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Instantly visualize your product portfolio

Dailymotion is a global video-sharing platform with 300 million users viewing more than 3.5 billion videos per month. Portfolio helps product leadership at Dailymotion instantly see and understand how customers are engaging across every part of its platform.

Amplitude’s Portfolio has enabled us to very quickly compare retention for each platform - simplifying what was once a painful process to a single live dashboard. This is more insightful and digestible for our management team, helping us focus on work that matters. Rachel Wignall Product Lead, Dailymotion

Get a single click executive view of your company’s product health

Standardize metrics for your product organization and give leadership instant insights into the entire product portfolio.

  • Compare and benchmark KPIs between multiple products
  • Automated reports and dashboards for executives

Optimize customers’ experience across your portfolio

Use behavioral insights about your users to make the right decisions for your digital business.

  • Measure the conversion effectiveness of cross-selling applications
  • Build cross-product customer experiences that actually drive growth and revenue
  • Align resource planning to products that increase overall customer lifetime value

Understand how users retain and engage across applications

See unified views of user activity for every product in your company.

  • Visualize your users’ paths and workflows between products
  • Track impact of features and releases that span multiple products
  • Tie individual user behavior together across the multitude of devices and products they may use